Monday, May 24, 2010

The Masons - Why I Joined; Why I Left

My dad was a mason and spoke highly of it.  He said it was a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.  He admired his fellow members and said they would help one another and their families in a predicament.  They wouldn't be found where they would not take their wife, daughter or lady friend.

After graduation from university, I joined the Masons.  I was asked, "If you were in trouble, in whom would you place your trust?"  My answer was "In God."  Afterwards, I asked the Master of the lodge if that was the only acceptable answer.  His response was that any god would suffice.  The Bible, which was opened on the central table, did not have to be the Holy Bible, or to be opened at any specific Scriptural reading.  As long as it was a book signifying a higher authority, it was acceptable.  Around the table, three men came to "arrange the great lights," which was to arrange certain letters that would spell the name of their god.   Because his name was so profound, one person could not sound it.   The sound was Jah Bal On, a name composed of three gods; Jehovah, Baal and Osiris.  Sons and daughters have been sacrificed to Baal, and Osiris is the one-eyed god.  It wasn't reasonable to reverence this god by a person who knows Jesus as the One to whom all praise is given.

In a final degree, the crucified figure of Jesus was on the cross.  The Presiding Preceptor stated, "We have come here today, to remember the death of Jesus of Nazareth.  Some say He was the the Creator of the universe and some say He was the Saviour of mankind, but we have not come to decide that."  Apparently, it did not matter because the special name to remember now, was Abaddon, the keeper of the gates of Hell. (Abaddon, refers to the angel of the bottomless pit, in Revelation 9:11.)

Almost any Mason will tell you that the G in the Masonic emblem stands for God. Some will say it means Geometrician of the Universe.  However, the significance of the emblem is that the sun shines from the compass' articulation, and its rays warm mother earth, (the square), making her fertile.  The G is the key to the whole explanation, and it signifies the generating organ.  Women cannot belong to the Masons and the emblem is a subtle reminder of that.

Often, reference is made to the number of Presidents of the United States who have been Masons; Robbie Burns, the Scottish poet too, was a Mason.  Evidently, these important people overlooked the fact that the beliefs of the Masons are not those of Christians.  They belonged because of the brotherhood of men, rather than because of a binding faith in the only true God.  Because of my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, I cannot subscribe to any another god.


  1. I always wondered what was going on there. I had seen a show about the Masons on the History Channel and was curious about the names on the list of famous members on Wikipedia.

  2. I am really enjoying the articles you are writing. Wonderful insight and you express yourself so well. Look forward to more.

  3. In a King James version of the Bible which I owned, one with the Masonic emblem on its cover, many pages were devoted to Masonry, with pictures of numerous US presidents who had been members. Obviously, this was to recommend the Masonic order to anyone interested, for who could be more influential than these recognized intelligent men?

    What goes on is a solemn ceremony. The ritual is memorized and presented by heart. The teaching is that all men are in spiritual darkness until they become members of the Masonic Lodge. This would include Christians.

    Light is the first and most important symbol, because for Masons it symbolizes the truth, and they believe only in Masonry as presenting the truth. The candidate comes inquiringly to the door of Masonry, seeking spiritual enlightenment, and asks for withdrawal of the veil which conceals God's truth.

    When a person becomes a Christian, he or she is rescued from spiritual darkness. Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

  4. Very interesting read. Thanks for shedding some light on the Masons.

    Erin (Janine's University roomate!)

  5. I was informed years ago and the above comments also say that Masonry is not of God and that some of their practices, particularly at higher level are completely against God and that newcomers to the Lodge have no idea what they are getting themselves into. A person I used to know became a Mason and he was not permitted to talk about its practices at all.
    Thank you for all of the comments.
    The normal everyday Christian King James Bible does not have the masonic emblem on its cover.
    The fact that the mason said that saying that any god would be appropriate certainly says that the masons are definitely not Christians as Christians believe that there is one true God, not many. I am a Christian myself and have read a lot of material on masons and masonry to get an understanding and I was shocked by what I read.

  6. Do not beleive everything from the original post. Some are true some are not and by our oath we are not even allowed to speak of the ceremony alhtough much of it can be found online if you look hard enough. Being Mason is nota religion, although it does hold much of its precepts to religious history. Women can belogn to the an appendant body of hte Mason called the Order of the Eastern Star, or young women can belong to Jobs' Doaughters or the Rainbow Girls. Masonry has many branches none of which seek power although there are many in postions of power but that is not through masonry it is jsuts happens to be such since Masons are good upright people, most of the time and they build good networking skills through Masonry but not because of Masonry. Most masons I know are every day blue collar gentleman, some are in professional careers or former military.

    1. I left the Lodge the instant I became a Christian. This caused me to renounce Freemasonry and as a occultic religion. Salvation by works alone. I exposed the lodge as a guest on tlelvion several times back in the 1980's. Over those years and later have been warned with bodily harm for this and passing out my tracks. I was thrown from a Christian church for my tastamony about leaving several anti Christian orgs including FM. The Assembly of God church I attend now has Masons as members and I mentioned this to my pastor. I pray for Christians to leave this occultic rooted religion. I was a member of the lodge for 12 years. I am now free indeed.

    2. Hi Johnny. Thank you for your comments. You are to be commended for the stance you've taken, to reveal to those who will listen, that however innocent Masonry is presented, it is nevertheless, a Satanic, religious cult. Certain biblical references are given in the ritual to make it appear to the innocent novice that it is based on Biblical principles. I gave the definition of Masonry in my intoduction to this topic and it presented Masonry in an attractive position, up to a point, that is...a beautiful system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. However, once deeper into the study one is led into worship of a three-headed monster called Jah-bal-on, a name for a terrible god to which sons and daughters were sacrificed. Yet it is reverenced! In the 32nd degree, when Jesus was presented on the cross, it could not be decided who He was. Was He the Creator of the Universe, or was He The Saviour of Mankind? Immediately, the password was given because He is more or less out of the way. He has been crucified! The name, Aballon is the password; the keeper of the gates of Hell. How awful to have to make a personal relationship with the devil, but that's exactly how it is. And as far as Masons being respectable people and that they do great things. Of course they are. One has no quarrel with these innocent men who have been led to believe they are in an organization that professes brotherly love and fine deeds. There are extremely few who truly understand what depths of disregard the Masons have for the God of the Bible. They are taught that great men have belonged and do belong to the fraternity, so what could be wrong if they are representatives? The fact is, that they didn't know what they were joining and made a promise not to reveal or conceal any of the secrets of or pertaining to the cult even before they were informed Few, if any, could explain to anyone what the symbol of the square and compass signifies. What does the G in the centre signify? The answer is invariably, God. Most would be surprised to learn that it represents the "generating organ," that is, the male organ, and it presents a statement that women cannot belong.
      It is true that one cannot worship two masters simultaneously, and in this case, they are Jesus and Aballon. If one is on the church board and is required to interview a person for membership, questions pertaining to any other organization must be asked, and if the potential member replies that he belongs to the Masons, he then can be told by the pastor in charge that he is welcome to attend the church, but since he carries an affiliation with the one who guards the Gates of Hell, as we see in Revelation 9:11, he is invited to attend classes that will help him to understand the dilema in which he finds himself, and to learn who Jesus Christ really and truly is; that He is the Saviour of Mankind, the only true God; the way, the truth and the Light. No one may come to the Father in Heaven, except by Him. There is no other way; not by works of righteousnes, which is professed by the fraternity about which we have spoken. It would be well for anyone interesed in this topic simply to read the first article, and secondly, to learn what one church or another believes regarding membership in the Masons. Stay clear of those churches that accept Masons into membership. Be desirious of attending classes given by the church pastor regarding the error in belonging to an occult while simultaneously trying to worship God. Naturally, it can't be done. One has everthing to gain by turning to Jesus Christ as the God one worships; God of Forgiveness who offers one a new lease on life.

  7. The original post is as accurate as I could recall my experiences. True, one is called to secrecy even before he knows to what it is he’ll be swearing. Scripture tells us not to swear to any secrets. (-neither by heaven neither by the earth, neither by any other oath; …James 5:12) It’s impossible to say Masonry is not a religion, because one’s first obligation in being a Mason is to acknowledge that he has faith in some superior being. The “All-Seeing-Eye (God) pervades the inmost recesses of the human heart, and will reward us according to our works,” as stated in the Masonic Manual. Later on, he is told who that being is, and that the name of this god is so powerful that it can only be sounded by three persons, each in turn, sounding a syllable. The name of that god of the Masonic religion is, Jah-Bal-On. Very subtly, our Lord Jesus Christ is presented on the cross, and no one can decide whether He is the Creator of the world or the Saviour of Mankind. Consequently and purposely, the degree ends with the password for that degree, which is the name of the angel of the bottomless pit, the keeper of the gates of Hell, the same as in Revelation 9:11. Abaddon is his name. Sadly, the book that is open on the table may appear to be the Bible, but it doesn’t have to be. Any book of authority will suffice.

    Anonymous sir, you are absolutely right in that there are many upright persons in Masonry. I have a King James Masonic Bible that presents many of the US presidents in the preceding pages, who were Masons. Masons use these illustrations as their authority to present the Lodge as well recommended. Thus, if one is considering joining, he is greatly influenced by who belongs to it rather than by any explanation about what it professes to be. However, not one of the presidents would have known before he joined, to what he would have to swear, but suddenly he’d be required to believe what he swore to, because he asked to join. Anyone considering membership will acknowledge that many stalwart gentlemen belong or have belonged in their lifetime, including our Scottish poet, the admired poet, Robbie Burns.

    It should be emphasized that the Masons philosophize in their own books of authority, that many have earned their way to Heaven simply by the good deeds they did while they were Masons. This statement indicates that Masonry is a religion, which counters Christianity, for a Christian truly believes that Christ paid the penalty for his or her sins, on an individual basis, and that no amount of good deeds will ever suffice to establish this right relationship with God. One will have a conflict of beliefs if he belongs to the Masons and still professes to be a Christian. Naturally, he must make a choice, either to accept Aballon, the keeper of the gates of hell or Christ, the Saviour of Mankind, as his personal Saviour, and I doubt very much if any of these stalwart men would accept evil over purity of their souls.

  8. Thanks for such an interesting read, i am very interested in Masonic things, thanks.

  9. Name Badges, it is good to know you are interested in the true facts about Masonry. How do you plan to benefit from knowing? Is it just the satisfaction of knowing, or is it because you are a member of this fraternity? Are you a Christian laboring with the dilemma of belonging to a "church" that professes to worship another god than than the true God?
    Do you realize that a Christian asking for membership in the Masonic Lodge has to profess that he is walking in the darkness of sin and that he desires enlightenment that can only be obtained by the building of character and accomplishing good deeds. These are the determiners of a Maon's destiny, not the finished work of Jesus Christ. Jesus professed to be the Lght of the World, and that no one comes to the Father but by Him. If you already accepted Christ as your own personal Saviour, then you cannot obligate yourself to an oath to say you are have been living in spiritual darkness until you become a member of the Masonic Lodge. One cannot be a Christian and a Mason simultaneouly. I hope you will benefit from these thoughts on Masonry.

  10. I am 51 years old and wished I had died when I was 40